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TEAM Sports Travel partners with TAG Rugby Association

We are very proud to announce that Team Sports Travel and SA Rugby Travel, part of Tourvest Destination management’s Sports travel division, have partnered with the Tag Rugby® Association and their adopt a school program as an official CSI partner.

Bryan Coetzee  – Director of Sports Travel explains ” As a Sports Travel operator, we have been involved in multiple CSI projects where incoming Tours to South Africa were able to experience and engage with underprivileged communities as part of their tour.

Our new partner, Tag Rugby®, brings a few additional benefits in that it is still community based but uses Tag Rugby® and Sport as a legacy through the “ adopt a school program”. Our Tours are predominantly Sports tours and therefore the connection and legacy is more relevant. Each tour will include an afternoon with a pre-selected school, where the touring group engages with disadvantaged schools through joining in on a coaching session and then  a game of  Tag Rugby®. A highlight is that the travelling school gets the opportunity to donate  “a  Tag Rugby®  starter kit “ to the school. This is included in the itinerary.

In addition, schools who are able to raise funds before departing on tour, from as little as £ 50 per traveller, would be able to provide funding  for Tag Rugby®  for a school for a year.

What is Tag Rugby®  –

The Tag Rugby® Association is a non-profit, public benefit organisation registered with the Department of Social Development in South Africa and an Associate Member of SARU. Tag Rugby® is endorsed by SARU as a grassroots development tool to be used in South Africa.

The Tag Rugby® Programme aims to provide children with the opportunity to play sport , have fun, and engage in activities they wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to enjoy. By being active and playing sport, children have a reason to stay off the streets and away from the ills of society that often confront them. By using Tag Rugby® (which requires no infrastructure or rugby experience) the learners in less resourced areas where there are poor or no facilities, can enjoy the feeling of running with a ball in their hands and having fun with their peers.

“We also recognise the need for both sexes to play sport together. To this end Tag Rugby® can be played by both boys and girls. As there is no contact in Tag Rugby® the fear of injury is removed from the game and children of different physical size and capabilities can play together,” comments Jongi Mei the Association’s Youth Manager.

At TEAM Sports Travel & SA Rugby travel, we believe that it is vital we give back to the community through our business activities and support a cause that we have a passion for. This is the reason why we have chosen to be involved with Tag Rugby® and the “Adopt-a-School” programme.

“A critical aspect of our programme is that the travelling schools develop a relationship with the school they visit. In years to come when the school visits South Africa again they can continue the relationship. If a school is adopted for a year the travelling school  will get quarterly reports from Teams Sports Travel & SA Rugby Travel on the programme.” Stuart McConnell (Tag Rugby® Association Executive Director).

We encourage all the schools travelling with us to South Africa to join us and experience this fantastic initiative either by raising the required funds for the adopt a school program or simply enjoying the day that will be included in your itinerary.

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