TEAM Sports Travel Welcomes AJ

As a fairly committed person, changing from education to the world of travel was always going to be an extremely challenging decision. For some people, the jump would be terrifying, while for other people it would be a welcomed change of scenery. For me, it was a little bit of both. I was very comfortable with my life in education and I was content with what I was doing. But only after my job offer, did I realise that a Business Development Manager at TEAM Sports Travel would be something that I could make my own.

It’s been an interesting start to my new job, mostly laying some groundwork for future plans, getting to know my colleagues in the Operations and Marketing teams and most of all learning the ins and outs of the world of travel.  An industry where you have to stay on your toes constantly and ensure complacency does not become a problem.

The world is changing instantaneously and the person or business that skips an opportunity will most likely not get that opportunity afforded to them again. 2017 will be a challenge for me, but it is a challenge in which I’m willing to work towards and one that I’m going to follow through on. It will be an exciting few months ahead with some new and innovative things happening at TEAM Sports Travel! I wish all our partners, clients and friends a wonderful year ahead!

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Vicus vd Merwe
February 16, 2017
All the best AJ
March 24, 2017
Hey, sutble must be your middle name. Great post!

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